Red Hat Virtual Experience 2010

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Virtual Experience 2010


Join Red Hat Virtual Experience on February 4, 2010, an event focused on Red Hat Enterprise Linux solutions, including virtualization and cloud computing. Attend in-depth sessions from your desk. Your couch. Your coffee shop. Anywhere you are. You can also participate in chats with business leaders, executives, key developers, customers, and strategic partners. Learn how you can scale to new demands, drive innovation, and build mission-critical applications, all without sacrificing performance, security, or functionality.

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Attend keynote sessions for executive insight into future direction of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux roadmap. Hear from Red Hat executives, including Navin Thadani, and find out what customers are saying about Red Hat in their organizations.

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Learn what’s on the horizon from Red Hat and industry partners—innovations in Red Hat Enterprise Linux, tools, security, and deployment in the cloud. Get advice on how to extract more value from existing systems, and increase your capabilities through open source virtualization, infrastructure and management technologies.

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How can Red Hat transform your business or help fulfill your mission? We have a few ideas, and so do our customers. Learn best practices, experience demos, and swap stories. See how open source solutions can give you a business advantage in the real world.
Founded in 1993, Red Hat is the leader in enterprise Linux and the most recognized open source brand in the world. We serve global enterprises with technology and services made possible by the open source model. Solutions include Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, Red Hat Enterprise Middleware, and a broad range of management and services, including consulting, 24×7 support, and Red Hat Network. Red Hat’s global training program operates worldwide and features the Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE), the global standard Linux certification.



The Red Hat Virtual Experience is an event focused on open source technologies and Red Hat Enterprise Linux solutions for virtualization and cloud computing. The event will include a broad range of learning opportunities – both from key Red Hat executive and industry leaders as well as from other attendees facing the same issues you see every day.




Business Track Introduction to Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization This session will cover everything from Red Hat’s new Red Hat Enterprise Linux virtualization hypervisor to the rich Red Hat Enterprise Linux virtualization management platform, with features such as high availability, live migration, clustering, image management and system scheduler.
  The Cloud – An Introduction Interest in cloud computing has been growing rapidly over the past year, with many enterprises looking to deploy cloud solutions that will enable them to reduce costs and increase their operational flexibility.  In this session, learn more on how to get started with cloud computing.
  Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization: Planning For Your Datacenter In this economy, every budget dollar and every minute of time is precious. In this session, watch a demonstration of Red Hat’s online tool for configuration and learn how Red Hat’s subscription model simplifies configuration and planning for your virtual datacenter. Also examine the total cost of ownership of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization for Servers solutions and compare those costs to other virtualization platforms in the market.
  Safeguarding your Data with Desktop Virtualization This session focuses on the use of desktop virtualization technology as a way to centralize sensitive information in the data center, as opposed to having it reside on an organization’s laptops and desktops. This dramatically increases the security of this sensitive information, driving the ability to meet many of today’s demanding compliance regulations. Specifically, this session will examine how Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager for Desktops will provide this security, while at the same time delivering an end user experience that is indistinguishable from that of a physical desktop
Technical Track Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization: Breaking Performance and Scalability Barriers This session will discuss the scalability features of the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization platform, which allow customers to deploy even the largest mission critical workloads without sacrificing performance.
  Building Your Own Cloud Infrastructure with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization As virtualization continues to move into the mainstream, many IT departments and architects are becoming increasingly interested in cloud computing and its influence on data center architecture. In this session, get a first-hand look at how to build your own cloud infrastructure using Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization.
  Secure Virtualization with SELinux-SVirt Running multiple virtual operating systems on one server creates a range of new security risks. SELinux, when combined with libvirt, allows system administrators to control the isolation of virtual machines with the use of mandatory access control. In this presentation Walsh will outline the security implications of virtualized environments and effective methods to deal with them.
  The Merits and Architecture of KVM KVM represents the next generation of open source virtualization, providing the foundation for Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization. In this session Red Hat will introduce KVM covering the high level architecture, features and performance of KVM.



Participate in and benefit from conversations with presenters and other attendees. The Networking Cafe, an online gathering place, gives you the opportunity for more informal discussions. Red Hat experts will be
available to answer attendees’ toughest questions and share feedback on how others are handling today’s most pressing IT challenges.


Visit the virtual tradeshow floor to have conversations with industry partners, Fedora community members, and the Red Hat business and geography teams. Learn about the latest open source solutions and opportunities to optimize your infrastructure. Meet new people. See new product demonstrations, download whitepapers, and discover all the services our partners have to offer.

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