Refine Your Business with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

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Refine Your Business with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

Another MS PHils seminar, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 is the prime topic. Please see notes below for more info.

Date: , March 17, 2010 1:00 PM – 6:00 PM (Wednesday)
Welcome Time: 12:00 PM 
Location: Office and Exchange Room, 16F 6750 Ayala Office Tower, 6750, Ayala Avenue Makati Metro Manila 1200, Philippines
Language(s): English.
Product(s): Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft Visual Studio Team Edition and Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server.
Audience(s): Architect, IT Decision Maker, IT Manager and Pro Dev/Programmer. 

Event Overview


Learn about the advanced functions and built-in benefits automatically coming to your development teams with the release of Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2010.
Planning Your Project with Team Foundation Server 2010

This session will show the new agile project management capabilities of Team Foundation Server 2010. Learn how it supports hierarchical work items, allowing for such rich relationships as parent/child and successor/predecessor. See how new Excel workbooks can be used to quickly manage your backlog and plan your iterations. See how Microsoft Project can be used to create a detailed project plan which can then be fully synchronized with Team Foundation Server 2010.

Introduction to Test Case Management and Coded UI Test

Introducing the Microsoft Test and Lab Manager, it can be used to organize your test plans, author and manage your test cases, and run manual tests.  In the Microsoft Test Runner, you can capture an action recording which can be used to take advantage of Fast Forward for Manual Testing, to quickly re-run test steps or even entire test cases in the future.  Coded UI tests are a new capability of Visual Studio 2010 which provides a way to create fully automated tests to validate the functionality and behavior of your application’s user interface.

Code discovery and Modeling with VS2010 Ultimate

The Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Architecture Explorer provides an easy way to drill down into your code and analyze relationships between projects, types, their assemblies and references.  You’ll see how you can use the Architecture Explorer to examine an existing solution and create dynamic DGML diagrams.  You will learn how to generate and navigate dependency graphs with Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate in order better understand and communicate system architecture.

.Net 4

This topic contains information about key features and improvements in the .NET Framework version 4 around increased end user productivity, base class library improvements, parallel computing innovations, faster web development, easier management of data across tiers, robust mid-tier applications with WCF and WF integration, Rich internet applications with Silverlight building, connected Azure cloud apps easily and exploitative Windows 7 applications with WPF.

Visual Studio 2010 Transition Offering

Learn how Microsoft is simplifying its Visual Studio product lineup with the release of Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2010, making it easier to identify and license the right product for your organization’s needs. Your immediate benefit will be a free, automatic update—in many cases a free upgrade—of all licenses with active MSDN® Subscriptions when Visual Studio 2010 releases.

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