Canonical announces strong ISV and open source ecosystem support for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

ubuntulogo4[2] London, April 27, 2010: Canonical today revealed strong software vendor support for the upcoming Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Long-term Support) release for both server and desktop. Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, to be released on 29 April 2010, will ship with hundreds of open source applications available at install with many more open source and proprietary applications becoming available in the days and weeks following.

Long-term support versions of Ubuntu are released every two years and supported for three to five years on desktop and server respectively. Proven very popular with users as deployment platforms, LTS releases are therefore targeted by software vendors keen to deliver software to this rapidly growing Ubuntu user base. Ubuntu 10.04 LTS will see the distribution fully established at the core of the open source application universe and increasingly attractive to proprietary solutions with support from organisations such as Adobe, IBM, VMWare and more.

"A strong and varied ISV ecosystem is critical for Ubuntu to thrive and grow both on user’s desktops and in the world’s datacentres," said Jane Silber, CEO, Canonical. "We expected Ubuntu 10.04 LTS to be popular with existing and prospective software partners, but response is fantastic. Users considering switching to Ubuntu or upgrading to 10.04 LTS will be encouraged by this industry support and reassured that they can use many of their favourite applications on what we are sure will become their favourite operating system."

"Ubuntu’s user base continues to grow rapidly and it is important to Adobe® that Ubuntu users are able to enjoy the full Adobe Flash® experience," said Anup Murarka, director for Technology Strategy and Partner Development, Flash Platform, Adobe. "We are working with Ubuntu and other partners to enable certification of Flash Player 10.1 for Linux on the Ubuntu 10.04 LTS release, an exciting release for Linux-based desktops and devices.”

“Both the Likewise Open project and our enterprise business are growing exponentially and a key catalyst is our relationship with Ubuntu and its vibrant user community,” said Barry Crist, CEO, Likewise. “By enabling Ubuntu 10.04 LTS users to quickly and easily integrate with networks on both desktops and servers, we support Ubuntu adoption in the enterprise.”

"Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud is already seeing considerable adoption across a range of industries as customers discover the benefits of private and hybrid cloud computing," said Marten Mickos CEO, Eucalyptus. "As an LTS, the new Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud with Eucalyptus at its core will see this adoption accelerate.”

"Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distribution especially for desktop users and that makes it critical to our Linux support," said Geoff Perlman, founder and CEO, REAL Software, makers of REAL Studio for Linux. "I’m confident that our Linux users will be supporting this important release for the software they have built with our development tool, REAL Studio."

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Press Release:

Published: Tuesday, April 27, 2010 – 13:57


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