How to migrate your Windows live spaces to WordPress

I login to my live (hotmail account) and check my blogsite, and I noticed the reminder bar on the top “Reminder: Windows Live Spaces is going away. Upgrade your blog now!”

what’s this? Windows Live + WordPress.

hmmp. sound like a plan. We at Phil-IT Org starting bloging using WordPress. And I think this is a good move for windows live spaces.

But my worries if I shift to wordpress, what happen on my blog content in windows live spaces? Thus blog contents import on wordpress or not. Ok me my try to migrate it.

But first I need to back-up my blog content on the spaces before to migrate.. I have 2 hotmail account and both are active no one is active ( and is not active.

Move to from Windows Live Spaces

  • Step 1: Move to from Windows Live Spaces. Howdy, Windows Live Spaces newcomer. Welcome to To get started, click the button below to connect to your Windows Live account. So I click the orange button to give authorization on wordpress to migrate my spaces credentials. (It will pop-up a signing dialogbox of windowslive)
  • Step 2: Creating your account. username already sho, so I entered the password. I used same password on my live account. (maybe you my enter different password) then hit next button (orange button)
  • Step 3: Create your blog. I changed nothing just hit next button again.
  • Step 4: Migration in Progress. Here, WordPress conduct a migration process, transferring my blog from spaces to wordpress.
  • Finish. my new blog was generated. Of course spaces theme not transfer.
My worries are got. automatic adopt my blog content on spaces. (2 accounts)
Cool all the post were transferred at
Let’s Welcome WordPress!!! (windowslive blogging)
  • I migrated also my wife blogsite.
  • When you enter your old spaces account like, it auto-forward to your new wordpress site.


~+~  You may visit my another blogsite on ~+~


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