Focus Group Discussion (web browser) with JV Wong of People Ingite

Yesterday, I received a call from People Ignite and inviting for a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with a topic on web browser for IT professionals and IT euthusiast  , I was wondering where they got my contact details? Ok I politely confirmed the invite and asked if I can invite my friends too. This is the first time I attend a FGD. What does the FGD do? What are the benefits? This are some questions inside my head. Mr. Edwin Almonicar (my invite) and I arrived exactly 6pm. Upon arriving the office of People Ingite, the receptionist immediately gave an information form to fill-up, after that a 1 meal for the evening. There were only 10 or 11 participants including yours truly. I was surprised, because most of the participants are familiar like Uly, Drei, Ron and Cesar from Microsoft Student partners, Miko Adao my colleague from Phil-IT Org. I met Michelle Rupisan – web dev and Cholo also IT pro.

The group discussion started around 6:30 pm with Ms. JV Wong of People Ingite as facilitator for the discussion. As per People Ingite, there was a sponsor for this discussion but she not mention the name or the company behind.

The discussion focus on this 3 web browsers, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

What is a browser for you? Some said, browser is a bridge to connect with relatives, some said is a tool to check emails, check news, etc. For me, I web browser is a tool to get an information.

What is web browser do you use and why? for me Google Chrome, it fast and simple.  Others said same as my opinion and experience.  Some chosen Internet Explorer 9 (Beta) because of new features of it.

A lot of questions regards web browsers.  Like features, add-ons, plug-ins, security, adversities, etc. The beauty of this discussion was we not debating each other, we shared opinions and experiences on the web browsers we us.

Do I mentioned the token they gave on each participants?  Not, They gave on Microsoft Lifecam VX 700 and cash.

It was an awesome night!


One thought on “Focus Group Discussion (web browser) with JV Wong of People Ingite

  1. Awesome post and explicit photographic memo too can’t believe u manage to memorize each participants name :).. I agree with you, its an awesome night, a healthy discussion, very professional by nature. Its so nice to mingle with co-IT enthusiast, looking forward to fab events like this 🙂

    btw its “Rupisan” hehehe.. but nice try though.

    Regards and see u guys around.

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