My friend’s email was hacked

My every day routine before on duty is to check my email message on Hotmail. I opened a message from my friend. I noticed that the email signature was not his name.


So, I decided to mark this mail as spam. But I was surprise that now Hotmail have a feature called My friend’s been hacked!, so I chose this on the selection.


So, After that, Hotmail prompted me this.



Hope this be sent to Hotmail Authorities. But to Kei, dude your email has been hacked.


2 thoughts on “My friend’s email was hacked

  1. Not all spam e-mail “coming” from a friend means that his account has been hacked. It could mean that his e-mail address was used in some spam system that sent out the spam… or “spoofed.” “Hacking” implies that someone actually gained access to his/her account.

    As for the Hotmail feature. I am not to sure what its role is.

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