First SharePoint Saturday in Manila

SharePoint Saturday is an educational, informative & lively day filled with sessions from respected SharePoint professionals & MVPs, covering a wide variety of SharePoint-orientated topics. SharePoint Saturday is FREE, open to the public and is your local chance to immerse yourself in SharePoint!  SharePoint Saturday was been organized by non-Microsoft employees, meaning SharePoint Saturday is not an official Microsoft event, it was organized by SharePoint Users Group from different regions.

Last Saturday (October 22), The SharePoint Saturday Manila was held at Microsoft Philippines HQ, a first SharePoint Saturday happening in the Philippines. It was organized by Jen Triñanes , a  software Engineer at Accenture and a SharePoint user.


The session was started with open remarks by Elczar Adame, a MVP for SharePoint and  Knowledge Management Solutions Lead at ApSmith Solutions. Mr. Adame, gave us a warmed welcome for attending the SharePoint Saturday Manila. The SharePoint Saturday Manila is a free technical session, even SharePoint Saturday events in other regions are free. Everything discussion in SharePoint Saturday event is basically all about SharePoint related topics.

Per Mr. Adame, one of the resource speaker and the person behind this free session can’t join the discussion because she not feeling well. That was a bad news; Jen Triñanes got a fever that day. She was assign to speak with Windows Powershell for SharePoint 2010. But doesn’t worry the show must goes on. So, we skip to her topic. (Ms. Jen, get well soon.)

SPSManila_16Ok, the session started by Chester Coronel, Chester was formally a MVP for Office Systems and currently he’s the Technology Solutions Professional for SharePoint in Microsoft. His topic was Building No-Code solutions for SharePoint with his agendas;

    • Data capture
    • Document processing
    • Data integration
    • Business process
    • Reporting & analysis
    • Search solution

 SharePoint now could be implemented with zero line of codes and as promise, totally zero codes. Not all that, SharePoint now integrated to Microsoft Office Suites like Word, Excel and Access, even InfoPath and Visio as Chester demoing SharePoint on us.   It was a very informative and interesting topic by Chester.

Next to Building No-code Solutions for SharePoint was SharePoint 2010 Business Intelligence and delivered by Elczar Adame.  As his discussion started, he bumped us to ask a question first before he starts his slides.  But the participants were shy to ask question, after a minute a brave gentleman asked question regarding databases of SharePoint.

The question was just like this, Sir where all data created in SharePoint save? As Elczar answered, SharePoint has own data base, it is called content data base, it is just only one of data bases of SharePoint, it has a lot of data bases, siguro sinadya ni Microsoft na gawaing complikado para hindi ninyo matutunan (side comment). Now  SharePoint needs to have several data bases for several reasons, but the main repository of all of its contents are stored in so code content data base and this content data base a created automatically by product itself once you have creating a site or application it is code technically in SharePoint world as SharePoint application. So no worries on that but on top on that, SharePoint also capable of capturing data outside from that content data base. If you have oracle hindi naman bawal dito mag-usap Microsoft di ba? (his funny punchlines) Oracle data base, we could capture and bring oracle data in to our SharePoint. Elczar is very generous; he rewarded the gentleman a prize for his question courtesy of Portal Integrators. As Elczar asked again for a question, the participants raised their hands to ask question.

Elczar gladly discuss the importance of SharePoint 2011 Business Intelligence for every business.  He share his insights and demo on how SharePoint

SharePoint 2010 Business Intelligence  agenda are follow;

  • Business Challenges
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Connectivity Services
  • Visio Graphics Services

The First SharePoint Saturday Manila  made more lively because of Elzcar’s funny punchlines and side comments.

 Business Intelligence in SharePoint Server 2010

Business intelligence applications and tools enable you to organize your vision of organizational goals, processes, and performance requirements in a useful manner and to present that data as meaningful information.

In today’s fast paced and ever changing world, organizations have a need to provide the right information to the right person at the right time.  Doing exactly that is a fundamental promise of a BI program; however, if the delivery mechanism is not properly aligned to the information consumption and analysis needs, any solution is in danger of missing the mark entirely and failing to provide the anticipated value.

 Food are served to us plus prizes for the lucky participants.

Thank you to Elzer Adame and Chester Coronel for an informative discussion on SharePoint. Also thanks to Jen Triñanes  for Organizing the SharePoint Saturday Manila #1. For people who not come, don’t worry there’s other SharePoint Saturday Manila brewing.

Btw, I recorded the session. feel free to listen the 1st SharePoint Saturday Manila.

Here’s the link:

Join at Philippine SharePoint Users Group in Facebook


Sharing Points { } Elczar Adame’s Shared Points on SharePoint

Some resources:


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