Install the latest Messenger security update!‏

I got an email from  Windows Live Messenger Team, Informing that they released a new version of Windows live Messenger and which includes the important security updates to help keep me and my friends safe while chatting online.

” All Messenger users will be required to have the latest version to continue using the service.”

I used the Windows live messenger ever since I signed-up to Hotmail.  Updating my instant messenger? Why not, It’s for my and your benefits too. I will once I got back home.

You may download the new released here.

More information is available here

The Messenger Team


The system requirements for the new version of Messenger can be found at


You want an OFFICIAL Microsoft Training this Christmas season

Microsoft WebsiteSpark Philippines have an ongoing contest for free microsoft training for developers.
This is your change to have a free training.

ost a Screenie, Be Trained for Free!

This Christmas season, we will be giving away
an OFFICIAL Microsoft Training 🙂
Developing ASP.NET Applications with Visual Studio
worth 18K, 100% FREE!

…but wait, there’s more! Aside from the free training, you’ll also have a chance to win some limited edition Microsoft items like Make Web Not War jacket, Web App shirts, and Web App pins.


1) Download a featured web app from these links:

2) Get a screenshot of a successful web app installation.

Sample screenshot

3) Post the screenshot on YOUR wall then TAG “Microsoft WebsiteSpark Philippines”.

Sample post

1 screenshot = 1 entry
1 screenshot per Web App is allowed so…
maximum 7 entries per person 🙂

A screenshot will be considered a valid entry if it meets ALL these requirements:

1) must capture your full screen
2) must have the “Finish” button
3) must show the date and time on the task bar
4) must be taken within December 14 and December 20
5) must be a successful installation of one of the featured Web Apps

WINNERS will be determined via raffle draws.

Draw dates:
December 15 – minor prize
December 16 – minor prize
December 17 – minor prize
December 18 – minor prize
December 20 – major prize (ASP.NET training)

Roofcamp #11 ( Preview of Windows Phone 7)

last month Roofcamp # 10 was held at OTD office in Taguig City, and I was the lucky winner of Samsung camera. On November 27 there will be a roofcamp #11 topic would be on windows phone 7.

Date: November 27 (Saturday) · 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Venue: Microsoft Philippines 16/F Office and Exchange Rooms, 6750 Ayala Avenue Makati City, Philippines.

More Info

The Philosophy of Metro

An introduction to the new Windows Phone 7 user experience we call Metro

Norbert Aquende – Microsoft MVP for Windows Phone

Create Awesome Mobile Applications & Games

Express your creativity with Silverlight & XNA on the bold new Windows Phone 7 platform

Rodney Jao – Microsoft MVP for Windows Phone 7 Development.

* We’re expecting a lot of giveaways from sponsors so don’t miss this!

RSVP here:

** This was article was post also on my other blog at www.phil-it org.