7-Eleven 7-Elections Gulp Gift Certificates


BE first 500 registrant of 7-ELECTIONS GULP and get 5 FREE limited edition 7-Elections GULP® Gift Certificates.


How it works.


Step 1. Click on your preferred candidate: *
Step 2. Register now and get 5 FREE** limited edition 7-Elections GULP® Gift Certificates.
Step 3. Please Enter at least Four(4) of your friends email address.
Step 4. Enter your mailing address.

After that check your email address(the one you sign-up) to confirm your registration to 7-Elections

Message from noreply@7-Elections.com.ph

Thank you for joining the 7-Elections. Click here to confirm your registration. When you confirmed the registration, another email from 7-Elevencommunity.com.ph you will receive.

Thank you for confirming your registration.
Please expect another email soon to confirm if you will be one of the 500 people this week who will get the 7-Elections Gift Checks.

From: 7-Elevencommunity <noreply@7-Elevencommunity.com.ph>
To: youremail@address.com
Subject: Congratulations! You just GULPed Your Candidate

You’re one of the First 500 registrants for this Week!

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gift_coupons Mechanics

  1. Register yourself and four of your friends.
  2. Be part of the first 500 people/weekly to receive the limited edition 7-Elections Gift Certificates.

    Week 1: April 12- 18, 2010

    Week 2: April 19 – 25, 2010

    Week 3: April 26 – May 2, 2010

    (Cut-ff time will be from 12:01am – 12MN of the corresponding week)

  3. Gift Certificates will be delivered by mail. They will arrive in 4-5 days from date of receiving congratulatory email.
  4. Every Gift Certificate entitles holder to one (1) free 16 oz. 7-Election Cup of their choice with Drink.
  5. Valid only for Residents of the Philippines.
  6. Valid only for Luzon Residents.
  7. Gift checks can be claimed in 7-Eleven stores in the Philippines only.
  8. Gift checks are valid until May 4, 2010