Big success for XNA Game Studio Training – Windows Phone 7 Olympics

Even the weather yesterday (July 30, 2011) was so bad, the speakers and of course the participants of the training were bravely quest the heavy rain. The Mobile Developers Group of the Philippines, Microsoft Philippines and Windows Phone 7 Olympics Partners have a great deliveries of talks, on first part of Windows Phone 7 Olympics – XNA Game Studio Training held at  Microsoft Philippines HQ.

Speakers of XNA Game Studio Training


Jojo Ayson (MVP) – Developing Innovative Applications for Mobile Devices


Paul Gadi – Game Entrepreneurship Opportunities and IGDA Manila Initiatives for 2011


Jon Limjap (MVP) – Monetizing your Mobile Applications


Christopher Misola (PHIWUG) – Introduction to Programming With XNA Game Studio


Adrian Rodriguez (MVP) – Designing XNA Games for Windows Phone 7


Mark Gutierrez – Programming With XNA Game Studio
Allan Spartacus Mangune (MVP) – Creating Reusable XNA Game Framework


In addition, Mr. Jojo Asyon share his presentation slide – click here to download


Photos from Windows Mobile 6.5 – Samsung BT7320l


The second part of Windows Phone 7 Olympic would be on August 6, 2011. This the real rock-n-roll to all mobile developers joined the program.

To all Windows Phone 7 Game Olympics speakers, organizers and partners, thank you for sharing your mobile development experiences to us. Soon Philippines will also known as no.1 mobile developers in the planet.

By the way, one of great speaker, Mr. Norbert Aquende (MVP) got fever day prior to the training, his talk would be Integrating Mobile Marketing & Advergaming Concepts to Mobile Applications. Hey sir Norbert, get well soon.



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Explorer Touch Mouse by Microsoft Hardware

I wish this is available to our region.

Last July 19, 2011,  Microsoft Hardware has announced the Explorer Touch Mouse. With the Explorer Touch Mouse, the folks at Microsoft Hardware have expanded on the touch strip technology seen on the Arc Touch Mouse by providing vertical and horizontal navigation, allowing you to swipe your mouse in any direction. They also added the ability to change the speed of scrolling from slow, to medium and then “hyperfast” for speeding through lengthy documents. And you can feel and hear how quickly you are scrolling via the haptic technology built in to the mouse. It also uses BlueTrack Technology so it can be used on a variety of surfaces beyond just your desk.

Oh and one other thing: the Explorer Touch Mouse is Microsoft’s first mouse to offer up to 18 months of battery life. How cool is that?


The Explorer Touch Mouse will be available in September for $49.95. But stay tuned, I’ll be talking more about this mouse in a few weeks.

Thank you Brandon LeBlanc for sharing.

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